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After doing extensive research on Ethereum L1 Non-Fungible Token minting, I’ve decided to take my time and create truly future-proof tokens that can live far beyond my lifetime. This is in alignment with why I shoot on film: the negative itself is archival and physical. I think it is very exciting to immortalize photographs on the blockchain, and provide unique digital ownership of my artwork. This is the first time in history that an individual can create a permanent, freely tradable decentralized asset.

Time and consideration has been taken to utilize the best practices to mint ERC-721s. Every CITY BLOCK token will have extensive metadata stored on-chain, thus creating a trustless token, not reliant upon a centralized platform’s servers to store this crucial data. Every token will also have its asset stored redundantly: The asset will be stored on IPFS (interplanetary file system) and the ARWeave Blockchain, thus providing true immutability, and a token built for the future Metaverse.

I am elated to have found the team at and their manifold creator toolset, which allows for the creator to have full control over their art and personal brand. This allows an artist to be free of a centralized platform’s smart contract, and platform policies. I believe being platform agnostic is a crucial step toward decentralization, and a powerful move to take control over your career as an artist in the new decentralized economy.

CITY BLOCKS (BLOCK) Genesis Contract

The GENESIS smart contract of Cooper Ray and the City Blocks project. This is the main minting contract for City Blocks and only 44 tokens will ever be minted here. These ERC-721 Tokens are the foundation of the project. They are built with location specific, real world, and historical on-chain metadata.

These photographs hold governance rights and grant access to the DAO and ownership of the community vault.

Collectors-Only Rewards Contract

An extremely limited collection of 1/1 photographs will be created exclusively to mint Tokens as rewards to dedicated collectors. As stated in the roadmap: This exclusive unreleased ERC-721 photograph NFT reward will be for collectors who have 2+ tokens of specific buildings or locations defined by metadata attributes.

These photographs will not hold governance rights like the genesis contract tokens

This contract will ‘plug into’ the original contract to verify authenticity, thanks to Manifold’s contract design.

Supplemental Perpetual Contract

An ongoing ‘perpetual’ custom smart contract of 1/1 photographs will be created for the photographs that do not get selected for the collectors raffle. I may add to this selectively from time to time, but it’s mostly as overflow from the monthly raffle photos. These photographs will hold no governance rights.

This contract will ‘plug into’ the original contract to verify authenticity, thanks to Manifold’s contract design.

The aim behind this contract is to mint more financially accessible NFTs to a wider audience to help grow the community and fanbase. They will be priced uniformly, but will vary in rarity attributes that will be begin to be defined by the genesis collection. Keep an eye! Just because these will be priced lower, doesn’t meant they are of lesser value.

As stated in the project roadmap:

  • BLOCK holders will vote on a selection of photographs (3-5 photographs) and select the two photographs offered for the giveaway.
  • The selected photographs will be minted on an exclusive custom smart contract specifically for the giveaway NFTs that can only be earned through chance and ownership of a $BLOCK

Prior to being listed for public sale on the open market, 2 photographs will be given to collectors, with the remainder going to the side contract.

Building New York (NYC) Contract

This will be my 2nd project, and is directly related to the Genesis CITY BLOCKS project. This will be a major collection of ~100 photographs. Focus on construction development and the second great skyscraper race of the 2010s. The city has not been built this feverishly since the 1920s and 1880s.

These photographs will hold governance rights just like the genesis contract tokens. 2+ Tokens will be required to join the DAO and amount of voting power will be TBD by the community.

This contract will ‘plug into’ the original contract to verify authenticity, thanks to Manifold’s contract design.


This page will continue to be updated with more information regarding the development of the blockchain map engine. News will be announced in Discord first, ironed out, and posted here when official.

Thank you.


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