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High Level

-Genesis NFT collection of my photographs of New York City. The first piece of the puzzle, and the foundation of the CITY BLOCKS project.
-This collection is primarily about the Art and the New York that I see. However, it is also an opportunity to help me develop something bigger than myself as a community effort.


-20% of primary sales, 1% of all secondary sales, and 4x $BLOCK tokens will all go to a community treasury: cityblocks.eth
  • The first steps towards the creation of the CITY BLOCKS DAO. The community owns these funds.
  • The more community engagement and initiative taken by the community, the faster governance structures can be established and take control of the treasury.
  • Treasury funds will primarily be used to fund blockchain map development, a Web3 site for cityblocks.dao, and metaverse exploration.
  • At least 50% of Treasury TVL will be to HODL and secure the future of the City Blocks project.
  • The entire process will be transparent and documented in Discord.
details in DAO section


-1x BLOCK will be fractionalized and offered at an affordable price point to lend greater accessibility to the project via ($FUTUR)
  • $FUTUR liquidity will be released in 30% stages, to 60%. The treasury will hodl 20% and manage the LP. 10% will be reserved for gifting and giveaways. I will hold 10% personally
  • $FUTUR ERC-20 ownership will grant access to a special discord role and future Utility.
  • 2 ETH implied valuation, with 44 ETH buyout. ERC-20 token limit tbd.
-1x BLOCK will be reserved. One week after the project is 100% sold, the token will be offered in a public giveaway. More info TBA


-44x 1/1 ERC-721 Tokens minted via creator contract.
  • Asset immutability and redundancy via Arweave Blockchain and IPFS.
  • Extensive on-chain metadata relating to the physical world – trustless tokens built for the future metaverse.
  • Tokens that can live beyond my lifetime.


-Long term vision of creating a blockchain map engine to use NFT assets and experience the city on a 2D interactive map. (more details TBA) VR and metaverse builders welcomed. Cartography enthusiasts too 🙂
  • At inception, NYC map contents will exclusively be my photographs.
  • The map will serve as a tool to more effectively sort and view the photography ERC-721s via on-chain metadata traits, connected to physical location.
  • The long vision is to eventually introduce other visual artists who document cities into this map and support multiple smart contracts that meet on-chain requirements.


DAO + Next Steps

-Drop ‘Building New York’ collection. Launch beta of CITY BLOCKS map, available to collectors for testing. (perhaps sooner)
  • Official Formation of CITY BLOCKS DAO when map alpha is live and governance is established.
  • Begin considering other artists and creators into the project.
  • Develop and Implement ERC-20 community token backed by the DAO treasury.
  • Community Token rewards for BLOCK holders, outstanding community members, artists, and primary sale $FUTUR holders before initial offering.
-All NFT collections I create will relate back to City Blocks in some capacity and reward genesis collectors. This includes 1% secondary sales royalties of future projects going to the DAO treasury. I am in this for the long run.


CITY BLOCKS has the potential to be launched in other cities around the world and give numerous artists who document cities a platform and community to engage with.
…and beyond. LFG!


Collector Benefits

Real World Utility Unlocks

Select City Blocks tokens will unlock real world experiences. I will allow for the token itself to be redeemed once per year, on an annual cooldown. These experiences can gain additional redeemable qualities as years pass.
The first utility unlock will be redeemable during the 2021 NFT NYC event.
  • From: Bike attribute BLOCK collectors will be able to redeem a 1-on-1 cycling experience. Learn how to ride thru traffic in NYC and navigate the city safely on a bicycle. I will provide a bicycle for you.
  • Special Trait: Closed Public Observatory attribute BLOCK collectors will be able to redeem an Architectural walking tour of Lower Manhattan.
  • Trait: TBD I’ll give the community an opportunity to select a trait (or elect a BLOCK collector) to learn more about the photographic creative process with me in person 1 on 1. stay tuned.
  • More to come with Utility opportunities through ownership.
I may expand the benefit structure for both token accumulation rewards and real world utility moving forward. Join the CITY BLOCKS Discord to stay informed.

Token Accumulation Rewards

By owning multiple city blocks of particular attributes, you can unlock special unreleased 1/1 photographs, reserved specifically for dedicated collectors.
This exclusive unreleased ERC-721 photograph NFT reward will be for collectors who have 2+ tokens of specific buildings or locations defined by metadata attributes. Get creative and look into the on-chain meta to earn a photograph.
  • I will take a wallet snapshot ~4-6 weeks after drop to select winners.
  • Winning token traits will be established leading up to this time.
  • Attributes will be announced ~1-2 weeks before snapshot.
  • Snapshot date TBD, and will be will be posted in Discord.
  • Currently 3x 1/1s are planned. More can come with time.
Moving forward, I will create additional ways in which BLOCK collectors can earn photographs through specific on-chain metadata trait collection and token ownership. Perhaps this function can reset, to allow new collectors a chance to earn different unique photographs.

Monthly Holders Raffle

City Blocks collectors will be eligible to enter a raffle on a monthly basis.
1x B&W and 1x Color Photograph per Month will be Raffled and awarded to 2 unique wallets that hold a $BLOCK. These are 1/1.
  • BLOCK holders will vote on a selection of photographs (3-5 photographs) and select the two photographs offered for the giveaway.
  • The selected photographs will be minted on an exclusive custom smart contract specifically for the giveaway NFTs that can only be earned through chance, and ownership of a $BLOCK.
  • The remainder will be Minted on a separate perpetual smart contract and offered to the open NFT market at a more affordable price-point than the genesis contract tokens, lending greater accessibility and potential upside to aspiring collectors .
  • Perhaps one of the perpetual contract photographs can be openly raffled monthly as well. TBD

Additional Benefits:

Value-adds to genesis collectors will continue to be introduced over the lifetime of the project.
  • It is my intention to make the CITY BLOCKS GENESIS tokens “Asset Builders” over time.
City Blocks collectors will have exclusive pre-sale access to future projects
City Blocks holders can expect to receive a special supplemental NFT airdrop bundle for their specific photographs. It will include:
  • Deep story and context behind each photograph. (With a Surprise)
  • Historical public domain assets related to the building or subject.
  • I’d appreciate collectors keeping this bundle paired with each asset and transfer to the new owner if/when they sell. Honor system.
  • Alternatively, the collector could burn the assets and receive something else. OR they keep it, and I mint and airdrop a new bundle with the same assets. Community can help decide 🙂



The CITY BLOCKS DAO will officially be formed upon the drop of my second NFT photography collection: ‘Building New York’. This will give people a chance to discover the project and allow time for the community to grow. The second collection will bring in additional primary collectors and increase potential DAO members. Collectors will have control and ownership of the DAO treasury.
  • $BLOCK and $NYC collectors will have primary governance over the treasury and the blockchain map that will be developed over time with the community. These are two most valuable governance tokens, with $BLOCK taking precedence.
  • $FUTUR primary sale participants, and eventual ERC-20 community token holders will also be granted DAO membership, along with proportionate governance say (tbd by community).

What is a DAO?

 “DAOs are internet communities with a shared cap table and bank account.” –Cooper Turley

For a comprehensive explanation of what DAOs are:
—–> please read this article <—–

Principles and Vision

My aim is to develop a sense of purpose and community in the way we spend time on the internet through my art and cycling. We’re still early in the formation of DAOs and how they can radically influence and connect our existing communities in comprehensive new ways. For the first time, we are collectively able to value culture and people with crypto assets.
  • I am establishing and contributing this initial asset pool to help incentivize this effort, align humans with common interests, and make new friends in the process.
  • Perhaps over time, other artists, community members, or DAOs will be inspired to donate assets to the CITY BLOCKS DAO as well, but is by no means necessary for inclusion.
I am completely awe-struck at the ethos of the Ethereum NFT space. This DAO formation is my working concept of how to provide value back to the community in a meaningful way: Think of it as an additive bonus or ‘L2’ to collecting my NFT Genesis, and proof of my gratitude and humility to be here at this place in time. I have never been more inspired in my life.
Less outcome driven: I want to utilize this project as a means to connect people locally and internationally who share common interests and passions – on the internet AND in real life. I am born from the cycling community and want to explore how to connect our culture online in a way that we can all benefit fiscally, together.

For example: I always reach out to fellow cyclists and creatives i know whether traveling somewhere new or someplace familiar. Social DAOs can compliment and be an extension of this mentality. I am a photographer and come from a creative walk of life surrounded by artists and visionary individuals. I want to bridge people from these worlds who may operate outside of the crypto space, and give them a welcoming place in this community. This will be primarily a curatorial DAO for the City Blocks project, however it is my mission to develop a thriving social component of the DAO as well. It is my intention to connect us all in deeper and more meaningful, lasting ways.

Of course, at the end of the day, this is all up to the DAO itself, not just me. These are my personal values and vision. This will be a grand social experiment, and i hope i can include as many of my friends as possible in this endeavor.


Full decentralization is complicated. I look forward to developing a tiered roll-out for steps towards fully decentralized governance within the community.
  • I am a student of this space and want the community to learn with me. The community can help collectively educate members as well.
  • This will be a months-long process, and there are many routes for how to execute this.
  • I want to allow people to select their roles based on their unique skills, interests, and how they see themselves participating in the DAO and community.
  • This will take place via Discord Role selection. One can wear multiple hats.
  • Understand not all members of the DAO will always be active participants in the community.
  • This does not change their status in the DAO, although participation is certainly encouraged
I believe DAOs will fundamentally change the world and how we interact online. This DAO is the direct result of my adoration of decentralization and cryptocurrency, the encapsulation of my personal self-learning thus far, and the commitment to my continued education in this space.
Some important aspects to consider: organizational structure, implementing tools like Gnosis safe as a treasury multisig, Snapshot for proposals, and what comes next beyond coin voting, etc.
Genesis $BLOCK token holders will have primary voting power in the DAO.

Token Holders of my next project “Building New York” (ETA mid 2022) will also gain membership to the DAO, but only through ownership of two or more tokens, at ½ of the voting power of the $BLOCK holders. Subject to Change. TBD by genesis collectors. I imagine introducing fractional ERC-20 weighted voting for $FUTUR and the community token as well.

  • 1x $BLOCK = 1 VOTE
  • 2x $NYC = TBD


20% of primary sales funds and 1% of secondary sales of City Blocks will be donated to the community treasury. My aim is to make opportunistic purchases of NFTs as a portion of DAO assets, with the majority of the treasury held as a diversified token portfolio for the long run.
  • Treasury funds will primarily be used to fund blockchain map development and a Web3 enabled site for cityblocks.dao.
  • cityblocks.eth will purchase artist 1/1 NFTs, fractional ERC-20s, and hold a diversified portfolio of tokens.
  • I will retain vault control and hold treasury discretion until the DAO is officially established and The City Blocks community is active. I want ownership spread across as many people as possible within the limited token supply.
  • I am 100% open to community input on this rollout and am committed to being completely transparent.
  • The cityblocks.eth vault will be gifted 4x $BLOCK ERC-721 tokens from primary offering to hodl, to drive value back into the community.
  • Upon governance being established, the DAO can propose to buy back more $BLOCK or sell for investment liquidity.
  • 2x $BLOCK will remain locked in treasury until at least 2024.
  • Governance power of treasury $BLOCK held is tbd.
  • I will personally keep 2x $BLOCK at cooperray.eth from primary sale.
Introduction of an ERC-20 community token will be a major goal and milestone for the project, and it will be backed by the DAO treasury.
  • I want to allow people to hold tangible financial stake in the the collective growth of this community beyond owning a $BLOCK token, to incentivize participation and evolution.
  • Token reward ideas can include: artist and creator participation in the project, outstanding community members, and bounty for DAO tasks.
*** As the sole founder of the CITY BLOCKS project, i reserve the right to retain vault control and discretion over spending until official DAO formation. This is to protect myself, and the long term sustainability of the community from bad actors and potential high ownership concentration. ***

Until DAO governance structure has been established, Treasury activity may include:

  • Purchase and diversification of ETH assets, opportunistic artist NFT buys, hiring potential blockchain map developers, a community manager, and $FUTUR LP management + gifting & distribution of the reserved 20% of $FUTUR liquidity.
  • ~50% +/- of Treasury asset TVL will be held in ETH. No crazy spending or rugging will take place… For the FUDers, I have ZERO incentive to do this.
  • Trust that i have the community in my best interest in donating funds in the first place for long term potential upside to my earliest supporters of my NFT Genesis.
  • Remember: all actions are transparent on the blockchain. Actions will be openly discussed in Discord.

This will be a community effort, and will take time. I am learning. Open to any and all suggestions and input from my community. As my friend Justin Aversano says: “I work for you as my collector.”

At the end of the day, DAO’s can serve many different roles. Any individual should feel enabled to come in and create proposals to be approved by members. The community can collectively deliberate and then move to vote on proposals. If quorum is met, the proposal passes.

The DAO allocates and invests a community fund into individual NFT assets, crypto assets, metaverse infrastructure, real world initiatives or individuals, or anything it can dream up really. It’s an Internet community that has real assets and can have a collective impact. A Decentralized investment vehicle. I’ll take the “3 P’s” from the best here: Well established Pupose, Principle, and Process, in tandem with an engaged community, make for a successful DAO.

It is a long term goal of mine (along with many of us) to bring more ‘normal’ people into the NFT and Crypto ecosystem.

I am somewhat influential within the cycling world: I want to leverage the community token that will be created to empower the global cycling community in some capacity. It doesn’t have to stop there. My first proposals will be to bring other street photographers and artists into the NFT space who are not involved in crypto.

“DAOs show that there is more to crypto than making a quick buck, and that the internet is the best place to meet people with similar interests.” -Cooper Turley


Collector Value
20% of primary sales and 1% of all secondary sales go to the community owned treasury. - 4x BLOCK tokens will also be donated.
BLOCK Collector Benefits
Annual real world utility unlocks, token trait collection rewards, exclusive monthly owners raffle, and early access to future collections. DAO membership and governance.
Fractionalization of 1x CITY BLOCK to lend greater access to the project ($FUTUR)
Blockchain Map Engine
Community treasury will fund development of an interactive 2D blockchain map engine
Decentrailization of Treasury. Collectors have ownership of the DAO treasury, establishing future governance, and more.
Expansion and Evolution
Build a network of individuals with common interests and shared passion around the globe. When built, onboard artists to the CITY BLOCKS map project for NYC. Possibility to expand this project and vision to other cities.
Token Limit
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