Genesis NFT Project by Cooper Ray

This collection of photographs represents my deep interest in the history of place, architecture, and the advent of the skyscraper in the early 20th century. CITY BLOCKS is the result of my cumulative experience as a bicycle courier, growing up in lower Manhattan, and 14+ years of insatiable obsession to know every inch of my city via two wheels. These photographs span years of intentional exploration from ‘on the ground’ research for narrow windows of access, paired with adept daily observations from thousands of hours in the street.

Just like my brakeless track bike, the camera is a pure extension of myself. My camera is always slung around my neck, ready to go, wherever I go. Taking photographs of New York helps me to unpack and digest my complex emotional response to a perpetually changing city, and often times, the brutal human condition that comes along with it.

Allow me share a piece of my story, and a view into the New York that I see.

The long-term vision with my photography of the city has always been to create a ‘visual encyclopedia’ to experience NYC and to archive its rapidly changing landscape. My goal is that a community of passionate individuals can help me design and achieve this dream on the blockchain. My vision is that CITY BLOCKS can eventually grow far beyond just my work alone. This project has to begin somewhere, and it starts with 44 ERC-721 tokens of my photography, built for the future metaverse.

CITY BLOCKS is for collectors who can understand and relate to the long-term vision of my work in documenting the city itself, how it came to be, and where its’ future lies. Invest in me as a passionate individual with deep knowledge and a unique experience of New York.

It is my aim to make the City Blocks collection an “Asset Builder” over time. learn more

Pricing and Drop Details

44x ERC-721 Tokens Priced at 0.69 ETH regardless of attributes or rarity. 20% of primary sales and 1% of secondary sales go to the community owned vault. For more details see the roadmap.

Launch Date: 09/06/2021 – Tokens are now listed live on OpenSea.

To RESERVE your favorite photographs ahead of the drop: DM cooper#6009 on Discord or @_cooperray_ on Twitter for private sale. Many are spoken for already. 

 **update: all photographs have been reserved, and sales have begun. there is a waitlist on my discord server for any reserved city blocks that do not sell. the waitlist will also be used for future drops. consider adding your name if you are interested in my work
  • I will honor the reserved token(s) for 48 hours after drop before releasing them to the next collector. However, please try to purchase at the time of the drop.

Collectors: Think of architectural significance and how challenging it may have been to obtain a particular photograph. Pay attention to specific metadata attributes and trait combinations, for they will perpetually play a future role to reward $BLOCK collectors. Choose wisely.

I am pricing things below what i believe the future value of these photographs can become, to help drive value to collectors. I hope to spur and encourage an active secondary market with the primary sale of these original 44 photographs and create a life-long community with the CITY BLOCKS DAO.

Custom Smart Contract with Token Limit

City Blocks is a collection of 1/1 edition photographs. First of all to mark provenance, and second, to drive value via scarcity of some of my favorite works of the past decade to early collectors.

The genesis CITY BLOCKS smart contract will only ever have 44 tokens. View on Etherscan



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